How Does Sportswear Reflect Your Brand?

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How Does Sportswear Reflect Your Brand?


Most of us have at least one sportswear item of clothing in our wardrobes and it is not by accident. Although sportswear was primarily angled at athletes, the clothing has become popular as a leisure alternative, upping the sales for companies who offer sportswear due to the ever-growing market.

Have you seen the million-dollar statistics attributed to sportswear and want to join in the venture? Here are some of the essential aspects of the business you ought to acquaint yourself with and the potential benefits it could mean for your brand.

Professional Sportswear

This is sportswear made specifically for doing exercises or sporting activities. They include items like polo-shirts, t-shirts, tracksuits, leotards, swimsuits, ski suits, and many more. Professional sportswear also features footwear like ice skates, boots, and trainers.

Professional sportswear is made with certain specifications in terms of fabric and quality. For instance, they have to be as comfortable as possible, stretchy enough to accommodate intense physical movement, and breathable.

Spandex is the go-to base layer for most reputable brands because it soaks up sweat when it is hot and acts as a skin insulator if you are going skiing or hiking. Competitive sportswear brands are using dry-wicking technology for their clothing, a mechanism that allows the fabric to absorb moisture from the skin and transfer it to the outer layer of the clothing where it evaporates.

Leisure Sportswear

Otherwise known as athleisure clothing, this type of sportswear portrays a fashion sense that incorporates almost every day-to-day activity perfectly. Leisure sportswear can be worn to school, work, events, and the gym. It mostly comprises shorts, leggings, sneakers, tights, sweatshirts, and yoga pants.

Now, this is where you need to zoom in on your focus. Athleisure has been trending for the past decade or so and it grows more popular by the day. People want to be perceived to have an active lifestyle but with a sense of style, that’s mostly absent in professional sportswear. Let’s have a look at some of the factors that its incorporation worthwhile for your brand.

Impact of Leisure Sportswear


• Social Lifestyle

Some of the biggest celebrities in the world have been pictured in yoga pants and sweatshirts. That should tell you that sportswear for your brand is an excellent idea. The clothing has been portrayed as an attractive lifestyle and the notion has caught on.

• Improved Fabric and Technology

Athleisure wear is known for its sweat-wicking, flexible, and odor-reducing features. Their stretchable design ensures that they “tone” and show off the wearer’s body shape, an aspect that a lot of younger people are particularly keen on.

• Millennial Market

People of all ages have been seen to buy leisure sportswear but your brand would be especially popular to millennials and Generation Z. These youngsters are all about comfort and style, with most opting for the “lounge” sportswear you see on Instagram and Twitter. Keeping up with new fashion trends in your sportswear would certainly establish your brand as a favorite for this market.

Final Thoughts

Establishing a reputable brand starts with aligning yourself with the needs of your immediate market. Unlike most clothing types, sportswear offers the diversity that allows customers of all ages and sizes to seek comfortable yet trending stylish clothes and footwear.

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